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OR:In my workshop, at CESURE Paris (next to Place Monge in the 5th)

WHEN:Once a week. A daytime workshop for children, an evening workshop for adults.

WHAT WILL WE DO: Abstraction and free creation. I will guide you in learning painting techniques (acrylic, watercolor, pigments) with the objective of little by little finding your artistic path, developing your own creative process. 



Online workshop cycle
“Go on an artistic adventure” in collaboration with the platformThe peacock : I designed three workshops on the theme of creation like a journey.

episode 1:  Create from the senses
Create by drawing inspiration from your senses (in music, in smell). For this workshop, we will activate our senses as a starting point for the creative adventure.

Episode 2: Create from trial and error
We will see how experimentation and error can take us down different paths and develop our creative instinct.

Episode 3 :   Ininvent your own creative process: First trip to lay the foundations, second time to refocus to compose your work by adding details, and last crossing under the theme of letting go with, on the program, paint projections.


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