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My name is Keren. I am a painter. 

In my artistic approach, I start from the sensory, the senses, music and the olfactory. I oscillate in a search for material and for the emotional and poetic transcription of these perceptions.


I think that everything can be creation. Taking creativity in its most global definition as a basis, everything is subject to creativity. Tools, materials and techniques can be diverted and circumvented in order to create. It is also this foundation that I apply in my daily artistic approach. 

My workshop is located in Paris 5 within the CESURE - place for artists, craftsmen and businesses from the solidarity and social economy. Come to meet and exchange!

In addition to my artistic practice, I am also an art therapist, graduated from the Centre de l'Etude et de l'Expression de l'Hôpital Sainte Anne in Paris.

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